TAIXING GROUP, found in 2004, is a deep processing enterprise of aluminium products. TAIXING GROUP has special line in producing aluminium wire rod, lacquered aluminium coil foil, coated aluminium sheet, composited aluminum foil, pharmaceutical aluminum foil, HF welded aluminum tube, aluminum pipe ect. Our products are widely used in drug and food packaging and aluminium heat transfer materials. Zouping County Tai Xing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, under TAIXING GROUP, is one of manufacturing and trading company with independent import and export qualification, located in Zouping county, Shandong province. TAIXING GROUP always obeys the tenet of "Quality First, Mutual Benefit, Innovative Development" and adherence to "Quality Is Life and Good faith Service Is Soul" culture.

Sincerely welcome to visit our company and build beautiful future cooperation with domestic and foreign friends together.


TAIXING GROUP branch plant.

1. Aluminium wire rod workshop, located Weiqiao town, Zouping county, mainly for cable raw material.

2. Aluminium foil workshop, located ZouPing economic zone, mainly produce aluminium flexible foil and household aluminum foil.

3. Lacquered aluminum coil material and coated workshop, located YanTai city, Dongting industrial park ,mainly pharmaceutical packing PP caps material.


4. Aluminum sheet workshop, located Luoyang city, wine cap and cosmetics cap material.

5. Coated aluminium foil workshop, located YanTai city, food packaging material.

6. Aluminum cans stock material workshop. located LongKou city.

7. HF weld tube workshop, located Tiantai city, mainly used for Automobile Radiator.

8. Hot extrusion cold drawn aluminum pipe workshop, located Zhangjiagang City.

9. Composited aluminum foil workshop, located Heze city, mainly tablet, pill and drug package material.






























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